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Woman claims she’ll be killed if deported

Posted by sioespain en 17 noviembre, 2010

An Indian woman who claims she’ll be slain in an honour killing if deported to the Punjab lost a bid to stay in Canada.

Asha Rani, who lives in Toronto, told an Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) she would be “persecuted” by her brother for bringing shame to the family for living unmarried with a boyfriend in the Punjab for eight years before leaving him for his friend.

Rani arrived in Canada in 2007 and filed a failed refugee claim that was unsuccessfully appealed to the Federal Court of Canada.

She “fears persecution at the hands of her brother, the police and society at large for bringing dishonour on to her family by living unmarried with a man,” Judge David Near said in a Nov. 8 decision.

Rani testified that “during this time her family did not want to have any contact with her, and her brothers refused to let her see her sick mother prior to her death,” Near wrote. “Her brother threatened to kill her.”

She alleged being abused by her former boyfriend before fleeing to Canada with the man’s friend.

Rani told the IRB in June 2007 her brother managed to have printed in a local newspaper a false notice stating she was sought by police for being of “bad character” for living in sin and offered a $1,200 reward for her whereabouts.

She claimed that after being exposed as a “bad character,” she “wasn’t able to live in India free of a threat of persecution from either the police, or society at large.”

Near said the IRB did not find Rani’s fear of her brother or police well-founded and she failed to produce evidence that she faced charges under the Indian Penal Code.

Her lawyer Mark Sultan could not be reached for comment.

She is the second GTA woman to claim she’ll be the victim of an honour killing if deported.

Roohi Tabassum, 45, of Brampton, has a refugee appeal pending after leaving her influential husband in Pakistan and coming to Canada to work as a hairdresser in which she touches mens’ hair.

(Fuente: Toronto Sun)



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